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Real Marine Agencies was established to carry forward the legacy of the family business as ship chandlers in India. The family is in the field of Ship Chandling for over two decades; thereby making it one of the most experienced and trusted brand in this business. The guidance and support from the experienced and learned personnel lead to the creation of the firm Real Marine Agencies.

Through the years we have built a network of strong and close business relation providing clients the fast, reliable, economical viable services with high quality products at reasonable and the best prices.

In the current scenario of fierce competition, we will believe strongly in quality of products and services with good business practice that should never be compromised. Therefore we face the competition in ethics with best feasible and reasonable price.


We believe in integrity, sincerity, and dedication in our business dealings, trust reposed in us by our clients, responsibility towards the job entrusted, reliability in our products and being responsive to our clients in finding solution to their problem in the quickest possible time frame. An organization deeply committed to provide the best quality services and products.

We, at Real Marine Agencies, are very optimistic about the future and the limitless opportunities it holds for all of us, especially for a country like India with its vast coast line, industrial base, human resources, and an emerging economy.

Thus, we believe that by offering small services in this huge ocean of shipping industry we could one day achieve a nation what our leaders dreamt off.

We also believe that excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better and hence we at Real Marine Agencies always strive to be better and more evolved in the services which we provide to our esteemed clients.

“All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, where effort means work”.